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Brandon B.

I have been suffering with neck pain since I was 14 years old with no relief from any doctors or therapist. Everyone I see either says they have done all they can do or dismissed my pains as psychological. I even went as far as getting help from a psychologist thinking that maybe the pain was all in my head. There was many years of depression involved with nobody believing me and how much I suffer. After being hit by another car all my pains have got worse and my lawyer told me to find a therapist to go see. I called all over the valley and talked to numerous therapist. After just one phone call to Advanced Manual Therapy Institute™ to interview the therapist I knew that was the place for me. I have never been so pain free since I was 14 years old. I am able to work a full day now and do other things I have always wanted to do but was limited by pain. I would refer anyone to Advanced Manual Therapy Institute™ with confidence.

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