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Choosing A Good Physical Therapist

Choosing A Good Physical Therapist

Rehabilitation is a vital aspect on the path to recovering from a surgery or an injury. The right treatment and therapies will help you get to a point where you are able to carry out all your activities as usual. You will find that there are a large number of people claiming they have vast expertise in the physical rehabilitation field.  However, the most qualified and expertly trained professional is always a physical therapist in Las Vegas. Deciding which therapist to opt for can be quite challenging and if you have not looked for one in the past, you might not know which aspects matter. Advanced Manual Therapy is one of the most credible, well-established PT centers in the region, and offer tailored treatments to our patients.



Factors to Consider While Choosing A Physical Therapist

A certified and experienced therapist will ensure that you maximize your chances of a complete recovery and quickly return to your pre-injury level of function. Here are some aspects to keep in view while choosing a Las Vegas physical therapist.


Choose a Certified Therapist

Ensure that you always go to a certified physical therapist for the treatment you need. As per the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), the most important aspect in choosing a physical therapist is to ensure that they have the required licensing. In order to practice, all PT’s need to have a degree from a physical therapy program that has official recognition. In some cases, the physical therapist may also work with a PTA (physical therapy assistant) when providing your care. The latter are also certified and qualified professionals.


Conduct Proper Research

Different physical therapy centers offer various types of specialization such as joint replacement, neck strain, back strain, and sports medicine etc. This is why it becomes important that you conduct some research on their website in order to determine what type of treatment they offer. Make it a point to call as well as visit as many clinics as possible. This will help you get the information you need to make a better-informed decision.

At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas our PT’s offer additional areas of certification and skills and we offer therapies for people of all ages, professional sportspersons and more. We have the expertise to handle geriatric therapy as well as occupational therapy, depending on patient needs.


Look For A Physical Therapist You Can Sync With

Physical therapy involves regular dialogue between the PT and you. This makes it imperative for you to identify a certified professional that you also have very good rapport with. When you work with someone that’s in-sync with your needs, you can build a more trustworthy and strong relationship with your therapist. It also means you will be more inclined to follow their advice, which speeds-up the healing process and improves your chances of a complete recovery.


Which Physical Therapist Will You Be Seeing and How Often?

It’s important to know if you’ll be seeing the same PT during every visit. Consistency matters a great deal in any physical therapy treatment and if you have to work with a different physical therapist in Las Vegas at every visit that can affect your progress and recovery. You need the assurance that the professional is giving you their full attention and is calm and present. If you have to deal with a therapist that’s distracted and running around between patients, it can affect your treatment.

At our Las Vegas physical therapy institute, we follow a very methodical approach when working with our patients. You will find that our staff is friendly and here to help. We have different therapists that you can work with. Each one of our experts is professional, friendly and encouraging in their approach. This puts our patients at ease and they are able to follow instructions, be completely involved in their own treatment. You won’t feel uneasy and this is something we work very hard to achieve.


The Physical Therapist Needs to Have Excellent Manual Skills

Expert physical therapists in Las Vegas use their hands skillfully to catalyze, mobilize and significantly improve function. These outcomes can’t be achieved with strengthening or stretching alone. A hands-on approach allows quicker and more effective healing of the scar tissue. It also helps alleviate areas of pain and inflammation.


Receive the Right Training for Recovery Exercises at Home

Physical therapy is about being proactive with your treatment and rehabilitation process. This is why it’s crucial that your physical therapist provide you with clear instructions for exercises to do at home. These could include links to online videos, video CDs, handouts etc. that demonstrate the proper movements. It’s your Las Vegas physical therapist’s job to make sure that you are doing all the rehab exercises correctly.


Find A Well-Equipped Physical Therapy Center

Zeroing-in on a physical therapy clinic that’s properly equipped to provide the best services is crucial. Most outpatient PT clinics offer all the basic therapies: electrical, thermal, and sound therapeutics. Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas has state-of-the-art equipment and the latest exercise machines. It’s also important that you check the center’s hours of operation.  If you have a busy schedule and need to visit the clinic multiple times a week, you need to clarify that business hours are suitable.


Insurance Coverage

Ensure that your PT’s clinic is covered by your specific insurance company and program. You shouldn’t fork out any more than you have to in order to get the best care from your Las Vegas physical therapist.


We at Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas have on board some of the best professionals in the field. We aim to offer world class services to our patients. The fact that you get the best services in hygienic and comfortable environs is a definite plus. We are passionate about caring for our patients and this goes a long way in speeding-up their recovery.





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