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Occupational Therapy

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help individuals of all ages participate in activities they need to and want to do by the therapeutic use of day-to-day activities. This form of physical therapy focuses on maximization of performance and function. It helps people live more productive and satisfying lives. Expert, certified and highly-trained professionals at the Advanced Manual Therapy Institute in Las Vegas provide excellent occupational therapy treatment to people of all ages.

Our teamis certified occupational therapists. When you come to us for occupational therapy, our experts will help you improve your balance, upper body strength and home safety. Depending on your specific condition and requirements, they can also teach you how to use the recommended adaptive equipment as well.


Who Comes To Us For Therapy?

If a medical professional finds that their patient is facing difficulty completing daily activities such as eating, dressing bathing etc. they often refer their patients to us for occupational therapy in Las Vegas. The treatment plan that our physiotherapists create helps the patient reach his or her individual goals.

The assessments interventions & outcomes of occupational therapy can be beneficial for people of all ages. It allows them to achieve and maintain their maximum level of mobility and independence. Our physical therapists recommend modifications or activities to help:

  • Individuals recovering from injury regain their specific skillsets.
  • Children with disabilities participate fully in social or academic settings.
  • Provide appropriate support for the elderly experiencing cognitive or physical decline.


How An Occupational Therapist Works

Our therapists always work very closely with our patients to design plans that will be beneficial to them. For example, a person is recuperating from a stroke might experience some loss of function on just one side of their body. Our occupational therapist in Las Vegas, NV would:

  • First assess the patient’s home for safety concerns.
  • Basis this assessment, they will create a tailored plan which could include certain home modifications.
  • Sometimes, they may also recommend adaptive equipment such as a wheelchair ramp, a shower bench, safety bars and grab bars etc. These help improve safety and reduce functional decline.
  • The expert will then train the person on how to use the new equipment.


We also…

  • Provide therapy that helps improve physical functioning in seniors living with macular degeneration/ osteoarthritis.
  • Encourage exercises involving progressive resistance strength training & functional activities to improve mobility.
  • Help with balance retraining; a walking plan and strengthening are vital in reducing the risk of injuries and falls for people over 80 years of age.
  • Schedule on-road instruction; this helps improve driving skills and knowledge and enhances on-road safety.
  • Use bioptics to improve outdoor mobility skills for seniors with visual impairments.
  • Support training of social & life skills to help seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other types of cognitive decline. This improves daily interactions for the elderly.
  • Create a health plan, including outdoor activities, physical activity regimen, social stimulation and cognitive training. These help improve community involvement which reduces the risk of depression.

At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, we conduct a range of occupational therapy sessions. These can be especially beneficial for the elderly wanting to maintain some sense of independence in their life.


Who Can Benefit From Working With an Occupational Therapist?

However, seniors aren’t the only ones that can benefit from Las Vegas physical therapy sessions. The treatment that our occupational therapist provides can significantly improve the lives of individuals living with chronic diseases like Parkinson’s or people who are recovering from a sudden illness or injury.  Here is detailed information about how the best occupational therapist at Advanced Manual Therapy can help:

  • Post-Stroke Recovery- Specialized plans can help patients achieve their personal recovery goals. Our therapist will provide instructions which focus on task-related parameters rather than specific movements.
  • Parkinson’s Disease– Repetitive exercises can help improve sensory-perceptual performance as well as diachronic motor skills.
  • Multiple sclerosis– Occupational therapy helps reduce the severity of the disease’s symptoms. It improves the patient’s ability to complete daily activities. Personalized, cognitive training programs in a home setting can also improve memory, attention, executive functioning and information processing.


The Best Occupational Therapy Centre

Our physical therapists at Advanced Manual Therapy can help people recovering from surgery, stroke, falls, injuries or illnesses. We adopt a highly specialized approach in these treatments. Whether you need assistance with home safety, post-hospital recovery or even mobility and socialization, our occupational therapy treatments can help you achieve your personal goals. You benefit in a number of ways by working with our occupational therapists. The tailored plans we provide:

  • Increase independence levels in our patients
  • Are effective in helping them get back totheir previous levels of functioning.
  • Improve home safety.
  • Help reduce the possibility of future hospital stays.

By working to restore a person’s ability to independently perform their daily tasks, our therapists can also help improve our client’s psychological well-being.


Other Aspects of Physical Therapy in Las Vegas

Much of the work that our physical therapists in Las Vegas do is also extremely beneficial to caregivers. They do considerable education for caregivers. If a patient gets only one or two hours of occupational therapy per week, that isn’t beneficial. However, if we are able to train and educate the caregiver to regularly do all those exercises with the patient, there will be a much better impact.

When the individual regains some of their independence, this therapy can relieve some of the caregiver’s burden as well. As mentioned earlier, we work on safety, balance and strengthening. All of these are vital for activities like bathing and dressing. Our goal is to get our patients as safe and independent as possible.

When you come to us for your occupational therapy, rest assured that certified and highly experienced physical therapists in Las Vegas are handling your treatment. They will conduct detailed evaluations, work with your primary helathcare professional and caregiver to create a plan that benefits you in the best possible way.

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